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Farmers of Jharkhand, India for whom the phone app is being targeted


Bird images of 315 bird species used to train the model in the  'AI For Birds'  app


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Acres of land in Jharkhand, India being monitored using Microsoft Azure FarmBeats by AI For Environment & Jan Jagran Kendra Nonprofit


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Best Innovative AI Solutions for Farmers

Awarded ‘Best Innovative AI solution for farmers’ award from Indian Council of Agricultural Research – Government of India

Champion of the Earth

Awarded ‘Champion of Earth’ award from Jan Jagran Kendra
Partnered with Jan Jagran Kendra and Microsoft to help farmers in India to increase farm yield by utilizing minimum natural resources using Microsoft Azure Farmbeats. Farmbeats uses AI, IoT, satellite imagery and weather info, worked with farmers to predict what crop to sow, where to sow, etc.

Summer Programs

DataScienceDojo 16 week course 2020

This course consisted of a mix of lectures, hands-on exercises, data science competition, and collaboration tools. I gained a significant amount of knowledge of R programming, predictive modeling for real world problems, decision tree learning, logistic regression, and more.

Stanford InspiritAI 2020

This program was based on Object Detection for self-driving cars. Developed 3 programs in Jupiter Notebook, using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), YOLO Neural Network and Perceptron Neural Network. All of them had different accuracies, with YOLO being the highest were used to detect objects from street images, car, pedestrians, traffic lights, trucks, etc.

Stanford Environmental Sciences 2019 (Pre-Collegiate program)

This highly selective summer program gave me an enriching and positive experience as the learning environment had a unique energy. This summer institute program was well organized as it maximized the time spent doing work and becoming friends with a myriad of people from diverse ethnic cultures and places around the world. This three week program felt like it brought in all the great qualities and activities of an entire school year. My favorite outing was when we went to the Santa Cruz wharf and later to UCSC to discover what technologies and machine learning techniques those working at UC Santa Cruz are developing and how they are applying it to the real world.

Capitol Debate x 2 - 2017 & 2018

Topic from the year 2017: Should healthcare be universal?
Topic from the year 2018: Does Artificial Intelligence do more good than harm?
This 2 week debate camp attracted individuals from several different countries and gave insights on public speaking skills and professionalism in public forum. Both years, I stood 2nd place in the varsity public forum debate competition.

YMCA, Water Sustainability Program 2017

ID Tech Camps

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using Python in July 2018. Coding and development 101 using C++ in July 2017.

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Co-founded the environmental club and the Carbon neutral initiative.

To create a positive impact on the environment while generating awareness and coming up with the solutions to environmental issues.
We broadened our influence to a global level by partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees:
We calculated the number of trees needed to offset the amount of carbon released for each trip of EBC (Education beyond classroom) and the cost required for it.
We encouraged the students and parents to offset their children’s trip by donating money to plant a certain number of trees and collected $1050 which equivalates to 65,000 trees. Every year, during a week called Education Beyond the Classroom (EBC), students from our school travel to different parts of the world with our teachers. All of this traveling, using cars, planes and other vehicles, emits large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Therefore, we have decided to calculate the number of trees needed to offset the amount of carbon released for each trip and the cost required for it. So, we encouraged the students and parents to offset their children’s trip by donating money to plant a certain number of trees. These funds are given to Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees in Madagascar which has already been 90% deforested. By doing this we are creating a positive impact on the environment and providing opportunities and income to those who are hired to plant the trees.
Recently we have also been branching out into the community with our new program to teach elementary students about sustainability and climate change.
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Won  'Miss Teen India WA 2020'  Pageant and Ambassador for  ''  nonprofit.

During COVID-19, preparing and delivering sandwiches to the homeless regularly and distributing free groceries to those in need.
Going to 'Beauty Pageant Nationals in NJ to represent WA in May 2021.

Volunteered and taught English to 17 adult teachers who teach 400 students.

at the Gram Vikas Sanstha’s Anandam Vidyalay School (India) through weekly Zoom virtual sessions from 14th June to present.

Singing for senior citizens of IAWW during Covid-19.


Python Programming Language
R Programming Language
Java Programming Language

Microsoft Tools

Azure OpenAI
Microsoft Fabric
Azure Databricks
Microsoft AI Cognitive Services
Power BI




Organization: ThirdEye Data
Title: Data Analyst Intern
Duration: June 2023 - Present
Project Details: Microsoft: Managed and presented an end-to-end Analytics and AI demo using Azure OpenAI, Databricks and Microsoft Fabric in the Microsoft Booth at the Databricks’ Data & AI Summit in San Francisco.
• Azure Open AI and Semantic Search for Healthcare: Used Azure OpenAI and Semantic Search to create a chatbot for an enterprise to answer questions on liver cancer based on a knowledgebase created using research docs
• Azure OpenAI, Azure Cognitive Services Project: Using python and prompt engineering, created a Large language model (LLM) use-cases for real world scenarios including a pizza delivery chatbot, customer request classification, student evaluation, etc.
• Jan Jagran Kendra (JJK) Project: Collaborated & coordinated across offshore and onshore teams to create an OpenAI application for the JJK team and farmers to ask questions about crop-related government programs, and irrigation activities trained on hundreds of unstructured documents shared by Jan Jagran Kendra. Handled the product cycle including initial feature planning, delivery operations, technical challenges, & clarity on customer needs.

Organization: Data Science Dojo
Title: AI for Birds
Duration: August 24th, 2020 – September 8th, 2020
Project Details: Developed an app which uses Microsoft Custom Vision Services to identify any bird in real-time along with Power BI reports. This app is also published on the android and iPhone app store.
Published two blogs describing the whole process:
The Journey of building a Bird Recognition App using Custom Vision AI, Power BI and Power Apps
Bird Recognition App using Microsoft Custom Vision AI and Power BI

Math Instructor at Mathnasium since Nov 1st 2020.

Teach all math levels until Pre-calculus. Also started an initiative to tutor math to middle schoolers at my school (EPS). Believer in education as I believe it brings the world together, so I enjoy teaching kids math and increasing their interest towards it.

Teaching Assistant (and student) at Swaranjali School of music.

Learning Indian classical singing for last 11 years and teaching a weekly music class to other students. Performed on stage during various shows. Performed with Bollywood singer Shankar Mahadevan (and other students) in front of 7,000 people in the Seattle Everett Arena. Sang a solo song during Saif Ali Khan and Javed Jaffrey show.

Training & Certifications

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI Up and Running with Power BI Desktop from Udemy.


AI Chess Game

2D AI driven Chess Game, against the computer. The computer calculates the optimized move and path for the black team (calculates the best move for the player by using MiniMax algorithm). My code uses rows and columns to get the coordinates of the possible moves for each piece. It also evaluates the situation of the board by getting the scores for the board (by using the AI MiniMax Algorithm).


Convolutional Neural Networks

Project in math class on Convolutional Neural Networks analyzing how Visual Intelligence can be used to take pictures in real time and use filters to identify the picture (with human-like accuracy) and identify patterns to possibly help save animals from extinction.

Vision for the Future

I am captivated by Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and the endless potential which these technologies have to solve global challenges, such as climate change, I wish to harness AI to solve global environmental challenges (global warming). One of the main ideas in computer science is problem solving, which is an essential skill I want to adopt in life. While studying computer science, I want to express my creativity and innovation and study the development and analysis of software to solve problems in a variety of scientific, business and social contexts. I enjoy collaborative work and wish to engage in discussions with others to derive answers to important questions. I believe that Artificial Intelligence is becoming a critical reality in today’s society and has the potential to provide us with great ideas. I believe we should steer Artificial Intelligence to move into the path of finding new and efficient ways to help our planet cope with and reverse the effects of global warming.

Few videos from My YouTube channel

AI Show | AI for Birds
Applications of Large Language..
Prompt Chaining for tackling real..

Introduction to Object Oriented..
Tu Pyar Ka Sagar Hai
Live Bollywood Show

Extra Curricular Activities


Passion for singing and won 2nd place in a “Cry Superstar” singing competition in 2019 in Washington State. Love performing on stage, having performed in front of 8,000 people with a famous music composer and singer, 'Shankar Mahadevan' and during Saif Ali Khan show in Seattle (500 audience). Learn more...


Won 2nd place in Capitol Debate summer camp competition, both in 2017 and in 2018. The first year’s topic was 'Should healthcare in America be universal' and the second year’s topic was, 'Does AI do more good than harm?' Learn more...

Environmental Club

Co-founded the Environmental Club at EastSide Prep school to create a positive impact on the environment while generating awareness and coming up with solutions to environmental issue. Broadened our influence by partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees. We calculate the number of trees needed to offset the amount of carbon released for each trip and the cost required for it. So, we encouraged the students and parents to offset their children’s trip by donating money to plant a certain number of trees. We partner with nonprofit to plant trees in Madagascar. Learn more...